UU Theory & Worship, Sunday 9/17, 12:00 to 2:00 pm

UU Theory & Worship:  Theology and the origins and meanings about the components of  Congregational worship. This interactive session will be led by our very own Rev. Maria Cristina Vlassidis Burgoa in the Sanctuary.

Potluck Volunteers Needed for 9/24

Pulpit guest Michelle Ma has asked Starr King congregants to participate in a multi-cultural potluck after the service on 9/24. Please contact Roy Dickerson if you would like to contribute food or beverages for that day.

Oct. 1st, 2017, 12:00 to 1:00 pm join us for Soup, Sundaes & Sharing

Stay after church for lunch on October 1st and together we will discuss integrating workshops into our RE program this year.  We want your ideas about what kinds of workshops might work with the themes we have developed.  Working together we will unify and strengthen our community!

Annual Directory Review

Starting in October a copy of the directory will be on the community table in the Fellowship hall for your review. Once the directory is on the table, please locate your name and review for correct address, phone# etc. New, updated directories will be printed and available in the kiosk in November.

Snacks, Goodies, Nibbles Wanted

Do you like to munch on yummy tidbits during the coffee hour after service? Are you an expert at purchasing the best snacks on the planet? Or perhaps you’re a whiz in the kitchen and can whip up something yummy to share on Sunday mornings? Sweet or salty items are always welcome. Please take a look at the sign-up sheet on the community table and pick a date to share some yummy goodness.

Wanted: First Aid Instructor 

The safety committee is looking for someone who can teach a basic first-aid course to volunteer congregants. The Red Cross asks for a large fee, so in an effort to save the church money, we are hoping to find a certified instructor within the congregation.

If you can fill this need please contact a member of the safety committee.

Thanks, Starr King Safety Committee:

Connect with members and provide meaningful support to the work of the church by participating in one of our service groups or committees

Currently we are seeking additional people to serve on the Interior Committee. The Interior Committee actively works to create and maintain a safe, sustainable, aesthetically pleasing and well supplied church interior – and there are no meetings! Please contact Sherry Thomas, our “Interior Minister” at sherrthom1@gmail.com. A more detailed description of responsibilities – and our other committees and service groups! – is on the church website. And THANK YOU in advance for offering your valuable service!

Social Justice Library

ARMCA’s (Anti-racial Multicultural Alliance group) social justice library has been established.  The new books are located in the conference room and are ready for checkout.  Please complete the checkout sheet located on the bookcase when borrowing.


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