Allison Prout

Allison Prout

Director of Religious Exploration

Live Your Values!

It takes a village to raise happy and healthy children. It’s my job to help this village pass on our liberal religious values to our children. I believe the best way to share values is to model them; to walk the talk. It is important to participate in church sponsored activities such as our annual MLK Rally and other social justice activities which express our values.  Treat people kindly and fairly. Take care of our church grounds and the environment.  Kids learn by doing, it is our job to lead the way.

About Me

I began to attend Starr King regularly in 2009 to ensure that my daughter was grounded in liberal religious values. I became a member in 2010 and since then Starr King has been my church home. Unitarian Universalism is my chosen faith.

I came to the position of Director of Religious Exploration through the congregation and volunteer teaching. I’ve served as a volunteer RE teacher since 2010 and been actively involved on the RE Council since 2012. The Unitarian Universalist Association offers training and support for Liberal Religious Educators. I intend to take thorough advantage of these resources to deepen my understanding and commitment to my new calling.

I am drawn to children and have worked in both childcare and education.  I taught English in Taiwan and Spanish in Fremont!  Since becoming a mother, I’ve been devoted to my daughter’s education. I held Board positions at her preschool cooperative and primary school PTA.  I volunteered in classrooms and was trained as a facilitator for PEP (Parent Educator Program) a youth resiliency program sponsored by the Center for Human Development.

Showing gratitude