Marla Bacina

Marla Bacina


Sounds are all around us – birdsong, wind in the trees, sounds of the city…  like sunlight and clouds —   we notice  –or not!  Listening can be a form of mindfulness.  As a musician, I enjoy providing sounds that enhance and support worship.

I grew up surrounded by choral, organ, and instrumental music – my first music teacher was our church organist.  BA and MA degrees in music followed, studying in the tradition of pianist Claudio Arrau.  A background in Tai Chi and yoga inform my teaching/performing practice.

Combining my love and studies of a variety of media – film, literature, visual arts – enriches the musical experience.  I love pairing just the right music with the worship theme/service.

When not creating music – I enjoy being in nature, with animals, and–creating in the kitchen–especially tweaking recipes to create innovative results that are both healthy and delicious!