Last spring, in our survey, in addition to wanting to know more about other religious traditions, the Congregation wanted a deeper understanding of “UUsim.” Karen Cook provided us with a resource on the UUA Website entitled “The New UU,” which will serve as the foundation for a series of six sessions:
 September 17 Theology and Worship
 October 15 Where Do We Come From? Unitarian Universalist Roots
 November 19 How We Grow in Faith – Philosophy of Religious Education
 December 17 Social Justice Philosophy and Practice
 January 21 How are Decisions Made? Governance and Philosophy
 February 18 Membership
We meet on the second Tuesday of each month in the Conference Room. Please join us.
Diane Meyerson, Kathryn LaMar, Shelia McClellan, Ethel May Shaw, and Mileva Saulo Lewis