Private: Starr King Singing Group

We’ve really missed singing together in person! Now you can join us before the Sunday worship services to make some music.

Starr King Singing Group
Meets 9:30am before the 10:30 worship service

You don’t need to be able to read music or sing in harmony. We’ll just have fun singing together. We’ll practice hymns, popular folk songs, social justice anthems, and your favorite tunes. Of course, safety is still our top priority. Masks and social distancing are required.

Everybody can sing and should sing! Why? Because it is just so darn good for you physically, mentally, emotionally and spiritually. Oh, and it also releases endorphins!

Singing has been around since the dawn of time. Our natural voices have been used to communicate, to instruct, to delight and to express our rawest emotions. We are emotional beings that thrive on social inclusion. No matter how modern our world gets, we still have a part of our brain and our psyche that needs to feel connected to a tribe. Singing together is potent in bringing about social inclusion and social change. Our neurotransmitters also known as our brain chemicals, release endorphins when we sing, giving us a natural high that not only energizes our bodies but our souls too.

Unfortunately, many people freeze when asked to sing. Self-conscious of the sound of their voice, or fearful that their attempts might be ridiculed or mocked, they close the door to singing and that is sad. What if we told that negative, self-critical part of our brain to just chill out? What if we told that inner critic that having the courage to sing would make us feel better, would connect us to our community and give us a deeper sense of self-worth and happiness? What if?

Debbie Doo, Everybody Can Sing]