SoUUlful Family Ministry: What Is It?

SoUUlful Family Ministry is a hybrid program providing both virtual and in person services for the children. Our virtual services include a “Happy Heart” circle time.  It is a pre-recorded circle to be played at the family’s convince. Our circle time, both virtual and in person, includes, as does the adult services, a time for Joys and Sorrows, a short meditation, guest speakers and activities promoting that week’s focus, I.e. anti-racism, Pride, leadership, reflective meditation, social and environmental justice, exploration of different religions and more.

Also included in our virtual program is a family project, connecting the families to our larger community. These projects are designed to promote home ministry in the child’s natural environment. The project kits are packaged and delivered on a weekly bases, accompanied  with a demo recording. Using our social media; Facebook, website, and the monthly newsletter, the congregation is up dated on all the SoUUlful Family’s activities.  A pre-recorded monthly message is also provided, introducing the theme and activities  planned for that month.


The in person children services offers real time interactions and experiences, encouraging and promoting empathy development, cooperation, problem solving, acknowledging their authentic selves and the authentic selves of others.


Our summer programs has been strictly virtual for the past two years. Our Art and Science camp weekly activities were developed, packaged and delivered to the families along with a recorded demo. Now included in our hybrid services will be a music camp, both virtual and in person, and in person, our children’s community garden.

SoUUlful Family Ministry’s staff consist of all volunteers, which remain dedicated to both the virtual and in person services.  We share a vast variety of past experiences, education and special interests.