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Starr King Unitarian Universalist Church of Hayward was founded in 1954. Our founders left their previous Unitarian church because its leaders signed a McCarthy era loyalty statement to which they objected. We continue in their tradition of activism and liberalism.

Our church began as a do-it-yourself operation. After a few years, the founders purchased the grounds of a lovely old plant nursery beside a creek (our present location) and built a bare bones sanctuary. It took them 8 years to hire their first professional minister, partly because they enjoyed what they were doing so much. Since then, the church has grown into maturity, with responsible business practices and much nicer facilities, but never lost its welcoming, experimental nature.

Recent events have pulled us back closer to the activism of our political beginnings. Our founders undoubtedly hoped we would be done fighting wrong-minded government actions by now, but once again we find ourselves proudly speaking truth to power in writing and at meetings and protests, working to support poor and oppressed people and our life-sustaining environment.

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