Rene G. Castle

I have found that Starr King offers a supportive home and community for people of diverse beliefs. Over the years I’ve called myself Atheist, Humanist, and a Christian with mystical leanings.  (more…)

Beth Ogilvie

I felt welcome in this church from the moment my partner Susan and I walked in the door. (more…)

Stuart Fink

When our children were much younger we shopped churches in the East Bay that were family friendly.  My wife and I came from different religious backgrounds, so we were looking for a church that felt warm and welcoming to both of us. We attended Starr King several times but failed to realize that we each were enamored with the church and thought the other one was not that much interested. Years passed and   (more…)

Marge Schwab

I have been a member of this congregation for 50 years and I have been a Unitarian for 64 years. That’s pretty strange, I guess, for someone who doesn’t profess to have any religious beliefs. (more…)

On Joining the Search Committee

When I committed to being on the Search Committee a year ago, I knew it would be a lot of work.  I have to admit, I didn’t realize quite how much work it would be, but I was willing to jump in and do everything I could.  I wanted to be on the committee to make sure we would have a minister who would maintain that sort of environment that would heal hearts like mine. (more…)