Heidi Green

When I first started coming to Starr King, it was because my dad wanted to find a church, I was just his ride.  My dad had Asperger’s Syndrome, something we didn’t understand when I was growing up.  I just knew I was often ashamed of my father’s unusual behavior.  Here at church, Dad would respond to the minister out loud during services, comment loudly about songs the congregation or choir sang, and sometimes even break into song himself.  (more…)

Bob Britton

Sunday used to be the worst day of the week for me. I dreaded the coming struggle of the week ahead.

Now I know that on Sundays I can be with caring people who dream of putting an end to war, poverty, racism, homophobia, and replacing each with love and justice. There always comes that point Sunday morning during meditation when all we hear are the birds outside (more…)

Lorie Miller

I found Starr King on Google. It was within walking distance so off I went.  From my very first visit I knew I was in the right place. The sermon was about hugging trees. Seeking spirituality, looking for your Light, is a journey. Before finding Starr King my journey was long and at times discouraging and very lonely. (more…)

Nancy Harrison

On my first visit to this church, I couldn’t sing because my tears blurred the words in the hymnal. To my immense surprise, I was crying with joy and relief! These hymns had words I could accept with my whole heart! In this church I didn’t have to sing or say words I didn’t believe! (more…)

Karen Cook

I came to this church for community and support. I found it. (more…)