Click here each time you shop at and the church will get a percentage of your order!


If you click through this link to and then in a single session:

  1. add a product to your shopping cart – and order it within 89 days, or
  2. purchase a product via the 1-click feature, or
  3. stream or download a digital product from the Amazon site

and the product is shipped (or streamed or downloaded) and paid for, then Amazon will pay a fee to the church. For most products, the fee depends on the number of products shipped or downloaded in a month:

  • 4% if 1-6 products are shipped or downloaded in a month
  • 6% if 7-30 products are shipped or downloaded in a month

After that the percentages go up, but at a much slower rate.

Certain types of products have a fixed fee schedule, e.g.

  • 4% for electronic products
  • 5% for Amazon MP3 products
  • 6% for gift cards redeemable at Amazon
  • 10% for game downloads
  • 25% for magazines

Our goal here is not to promote, but if you normally shop at Amazon anyway, please help the church by clicking through here on your way to the Amazon site. Thanks for your support!

This is how much Starr King has earned from your purchases in the last few years. It’s been up and down with peaks around the holidays, but we believe there is potential to earn a lot more if you and your friends and family use the link consistently: