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Starr King Unitarian Universalist Church Upcoming Worship Services

Day of the Dead

In the Mexican tradition, the dead are honored with beautiful altars, music, dancing, and offerings of their favorite foods. We are grateful for rituals that encourage us to open our hearts and express our love for our dearly departed. Join us in commemorating the Days of the Dead by bringing a photo of your beloveds, flowers or significant object to add to our community altar.… Read the rest

The Other Side of Anger

Anger rises in the mind and spreads through our body, triggering scenarios filled with blaming, shaming and hurting others. Tibetan Buddhism recognizes that the flip side of anger is wisdom. It is the signal that tells us when something is wrong, when something needs to be addressed, and helps us move forward towards change and transformation.… Read the rest

Voices of the Turtle: From Resistance to Power

Voices of the Turtle: From Resistance to Power. Join us as we gather to honor International Indigenous People’s Day through poetry, song, and storytelling.

International Indigenous People’s Day reaffirms native people’s decisions to defend our culture, education, and religion as fundamental to our Identity as Peoples, reclaiming and maintaining our own forms of spiritual life and communal coexistence, in an intimate relationship with our Mother Earth.… Read the rest

Sharing the Good News of Unitarian Universalism

Led by Sharon Wylie, Intern Minister.

Many of us would never consider talking to our friends or family about Unitarian Universalism. We might be afraid of seeming pushy or fanatically religious. But Unitarian Universalism can also be a haven for those who have been searching for a spiritual home. Let’s discuss ways that we can share our good news with those who haven’t found us yet.… Read the rest

Association Sunday: For Days To Come

Led by Rev. Katie Kandarian-Morris.

This is the beginning of a year where we celebrate the coming together of two separate traditions, the Unitarians and the Universalists. On this day across the country, congregations will take a collection that will help ensure the health and excellence of UU-ism for this new century. What is the vision of our faith and how are we living that vision?… Read the rest