Anyone who loves to sing is welcome to join the choir. We practice 9-10am on most Sundays. The choir performs as part of the worship services about once a month.


Our choir co-directors, Lea Casini and Nancy Harrison, lead us in warm up exercises, practicing songs in harmony, and give tips on improving our voices. You don’t have to read music, but it helps. Let us know if you can play piano, even just a little, to assist with practice sessions. Suggestions from choir members are often incorporated to increase the diversity of our sound.

Job Description for Choir Directors


  • In cooperation with the Minister and Worship Committee, select and obtain appropriate musical selections
  • Ensure that sheet music is available for each choir member and the accompanist
  • Ensure that someone is available to direct each choir practice
  • Arrange musical accompaniment when possible
  • Request an annual budget allocation to pay for sheet music and accompaniment
  • Prepare an annual report