Purpose: To inform and engage our congregation and the wider community in a way that reflects our shared principles and passions.

Membership and Meetings:  Membership is voluntary – and appreciated! – and meetings are held as needed.

Committee Responsibilities:

  • Supporting the communications team (Coordinator)
  • Maintaining the website (Webmaster)
  • Posting upcoming services, announcements, and newsletters on the website (Website Editor & Bloggers)
  • Publishing the monthly newsletter (Newsletter Editors)
  • Sharing services, events, and photos on Facebook (Social Media Team)
  • Moderating the church’s online discussion board (StarrKingSPARK Moderator)
  • Promoting our church to the wider community through a variety of media (PR Team)

We have big dreams about nourishing and growing the Starr King community! We rely on our amazing volunteers to keep spreading the word via our website, newsletter, social media, and podcasts. We always welcome writers, editors, photographers, social media stars, and anyone who wants to contribute their creativity to the committee and church. We can train you for any of the tasks listed below. If you are interested, please contact Ginny at communications@starrking.org.

 Communications Coordinator

Ginny Cox Delaney

Position Summary: Ginny has been the committee chair since June 2019. She leads the committee in its mission to inform and inspire members, visitors, and our wonderful East Bay community.


  • Convene meetings and chats as needed
  • Prepare an annual report
  • Support the team in meeting our goals
  • Celebrate our outstanding volunteers!

Newsletter Editors

Joyce Kinnear, Nathan Heigert, Kelly Heigert

Position Summary: The newsletter teams publishes the church e-newsletter, The Flaming Chalice, monthly.


  • Remind contributors to turn in relevant content by 20th of each month
  • Review, update, edit and format content, using editing/publishing software
  • Post newsletter on website and send to readership via email


Position Open

Position Summary: Keep our website running, backed up, and updated. Enhance as inspired, or as time permits.


  • Maintain and backup the website. Work with the hosting company as needed to resolve problems
  • Update WordPress and Plugins
  • Customize the website as requested by the website content team
  • Provide training to staff and leaders

Website Editor

Bob Breckenridge, Lavon Hodges

We could use some help!

Position Summary:  Create and maintain content on the church website.


  • Update and add new content to the website
  • Add events to the website
  • Write and edit blog posts


Facebook Administrator

Ginny Cox Delaney

We want to grow our social media team!

We would love to grow our social media if anyone is interested in experimenting with Instagram, Twitter, etc.

Position Summary: Update and monitor the church’s public Facebook page and private Facebook group



StarrKingSPARK Moderator

Nancy Harrison

Position Summary: Act as moderator of the church online discussion board on Yahoo Groups.


  • Approve or reject requests for membership
  • Monitor messages for appropriateness. Delete inappropriate messages
  • Periodically publicize the group, encourage and perhaps invite church members to join
  • Maintain up-to-date instructions on how to join (below)
  • Ensure that you have a back-up moderator who can do the tasks in case of your absence