Purpose: To inform and engage our congregation and the wider community in a way that reflects our shared principles and passions

Membership and Meetings:  Membership is voluntary and/or solicited. Most members hold specific roles. Meetings are held monthly, on the third Wednesday, at 7:00 PM


  • Facilitate communications within the congregation by
  • Publishing the monthly newsletter (Chalice Editor)
  • Posting upcoming service descriptions, announcements, and newsletter articles on the church website (Church Bloggers)
  • Editing and publishing Podcasts of sermons (Podcast Facilitator)
  • Posting photos and reports of events on Facebook (Facebook Administrator)
  • Moderating the church’s online discussion board (StarrKingSPARK Moderator)
  • Supporting the email service used for the Minister’s weekly messages, announcements, etc. (Chair)
  • Promote our church to the wider community through a variety of media such as
  • The church website (Webmaster)
  • Press releases, event promotion, etc.
  • Facilitate the business operations of the church by
  • Recommending guidelines and procedures for cummunications related processes
  • Managing the storage of important church documents (Documentarian)
  • Preparing an annual report (Chair)


 Job Description for Chair of Communications Committee (Emily Watkins)

Position Summary

Lead communications committee in its strategy and tactical execution of public relations, the website (public and member facing point of view), and existing communications programs; and evaluate and recommend new programs to meet the needs of the congregation.


  • Convene and chair monthly committee meetings; prepare agenda
  • Establish website architecture (parent pages, child pages) according to website best practices
  • Write and edit website content submitted by others
  • Develop and set editorial style guidelines, social media guidelines, photography use guidelines
  • Maintain Constant Contact (email provider) lists, email templates, recommend changes based on reports and periodically send emails on behalf of Official Church list and/or weekly announcements.
  • Prepare annual report
  • Ensure that all committee responsibilities are met

Skills required:

  • Strong writing/editing skills.
  • Ability to become comfortable working in WordPress websites. WordPress is a Content Management System and as such is designed for writers/marketers to be able to add and edit content to live websites.
  • Comfort with or ability to learn online applications. We use ConstantContact for email. Currently, this role includes sending emails, developing and recommending templates, managing lists and reporting within the application.


Job Description for Webmaster (Beth Ogilvie)

Position Summary

IMG_3372Keep the church website (starrking.org) running, backed up, and updated. Enhance as time permits.


  • Keep the website up. (Usually doesn’t require any time.) Work with the hosting company as needed to resolve problems.
  • Renew the website hosting. Call with the hosting company each November before the annual renewal (December) to ask for a discount. (They always give a little if we ask for it.) Pay the renewal and submit to the treasurer for reimbursement.
  • Backup the website. Mostly this happens automatically as follows:
    • We pay iPage to make backed up files available if we need them. Occasionally I download all the latest files to my personal computer just to have another copy.
    • We have a plugin, WordPress Database Backup, to backup the MySQL database daily.  It’s controlled through the WP dashboard->Tools->Backup. Check occasionally on the server that it’s continuing to generate files. They’re in /wordpress/wp-content/themes/backup-f06c8. Occasionally discard the old ones.
  • Update WordPress and Plugins. Check the WordPress dashboard occasionally for WP or plugin updates, and install them. Note that we’ve customized some plugins, so after upgrading you’ll have to reinstall the patch. Never update our WordPress theme, Light of Peace (LOP for short). An update has not been offered, and perhaps never will, but just in case it is – don’t be tempted! We’ve customized it extensively. An update would seriously break the site.
  • Update email forwards through iPage as people change jobs (paid or volunteer) in the church. Login to iPage, go to Email (menu) -> Mail Central, and edit (typically) or create email forwards as needed. Mainly this happens when people change jobs at the start of a new fiscal year (July 1).
  • Customize the website as requested by the website content manager (as time permits). This could be as simple as changing the sliding photos, or it could involve installing a plugin to add a new capability (eg photo gallery).
  • Provide training on the WordPress dashboard. Encourage staff and lay leaders to do their own posting, editing, etc., and provide training on how to do that.  Help with postings when necessary (e.g. formatting).
  • Support the ministers’ use of internet technology.  Consult with any of the ministers as requested to support the mission of the church.

Skills required

HTML and CSS are essential. PHP is also important, but if you know another scripting language you’ll be able to fake it well enough. You won’t have to *write* much code – just copy and hack occasionally. Familiarity with MySQL databases is helpful but little expertise is required. You’ll need FTP capability and the ability to edit HTML/PHP and CSS files.

Job Description for Website Editor (Nancy Harrison)

Position Summary:  Create and maintain content on the church website.

Job Responsibilities: Create and maintain content on the church website. Respond to comments and complaints about the content. Post News items.

Skills Required: Ability to use the WordPress dashboard. Clear writing, Some research skills, organizational skills, knowledge of church culture and sensitivities, knowledge of HTML.


Job Description for Church Blog Poster (Linda Miyoshi)

Position Summary:  Maintain the church blogs. Currently this consists of receiving monthly updates from minister and committees, and posting them on the web site around the beginning of the upcoming month.

Job Responsibilities:

Receive the following content each month (by virtue of being on the editor@starrking.org and newsletter@starrking.org mailing lists), and add a post for each item to the website around the beginning of the upcoming month.
  • Minister’s Blog
  • Intern’s Blog (if we have an intern)
  • Religious Exploration Blog
  • Religious Exploration upcoming events (4-5 entries)
  • Other blog entries (varies by month)
  • After making the updates, view the church website to confirm everything looks right.
Skills Required: Internet access, very basic computer skills (copy and paste, filling out online forms), a sense of what “looks right.”


Job Description for Facebook Administrator (Betsy Dye)

Position Summary:  Update and monitor the Church’s two Facebook pages

Responsibilities :

  • Monitor the Starr King Members Facebook page for appropriate content and member requests to join
  • Add relevant content and pictures to the private Facebook page https://www.facebook.com/groups/54148434715/
  • Monitor and add content and pictures to the public Starr King Unitarian Universalist Church Hayward Facebook page https://www.facebook.com/StarrKingChurch

Skills Required:

  •      Computer and Facebook skills
  •      Must be made an administrator for each page by another administrator


Job Description for Chalice Editor (Joyce Kinnear, Kathryn LaMar)

Position summary: Publish the church newsletter, The Flaming Chalice, monthly.

Tasks: Remind contributors to turn in relevant content by 20th of each month. Review, update, edit and format content, using editing/publishing software. Post newsletter on website and send to readership via email.

Skills Required: Computer skills, permission to post to church website and Constant Contact.


Job Description for StarrKingSPARK Moderator (Nancy Harrison)

Position Summary

Act as moderator of the church online discussion board on Yahoo Groups.


  • Approve or reject requests for membership.  Approve all members and friends of the church. Reject others.
  • Periodically check member list  for “bounces” caused by non-nonfunctional email addresses. Delete non-nonfunctional addresses, and, if appropriate, invite the individual to re-join with a new address.
  • Monitor messages for appropriateness. Delete inappropriate messages, and educate the sender.
  • Periodically publicize the group, encourage and perhaps invite church members to join.
  • Maintain up-to-date instructions on how to join (link needed).
  • Ensure that you have a back-up Moderator who can do the tasks in case of your absence.
  • Attend meetings of the Communication Committee (optional)

Skills requirements

  • Adequate computer skills. (Willingness to explore the site and learn a little.)
  • Be registered as Moderator. One of the current Moderators can register you.
  • Be able to check email daily almost all the time.


Job Description for Documentarian (Nancy Harrison)

Position Summary

Store all important church documents on Google Drive

Responsibilities: Store and organize the following types of documents

  • Minutes of meetings of the Board of Trustees
  • Core documents (Bylaws, Mission Statement, etc.)
  • Policies and Procedures
  • Committee descriptions
  • Job descriptions
  • Contracts
  • Techie How To’s

Skills required:

  • Basic computer skills
  • Organizational skills
  • Ownership of correct Google account; must be granted by past owner


Job Description for Podcasting Facilitator (Bob Simoni)

Position Summary

Posting podcasts of worship services on church website


  • Retrieve SD card from the recording device each Sunday or when available, be sure to put in a new SD card in the recording devise
  • Download Worship service to your computer.
  • Edit worship service with Audacity software
  • Access Podbean and download sermon
  • Post on church website.
  • Check to make sure recording came out correctly

Skills Required

  • Computer skills
  • Training on Audacity (free download), Podbean and WordPress software and websites
  • Get passwords for Podbean and WordPress websites from Webmaster (Beth)
  • Have access to church to retrieve SD Card.

Technical instructions