Membership BookSanctuary
Articles of IncorporationChurch Office file drawer
Certificate of IncorporationChurch Office file drawer
Deed and Title InsuranceChurch Office file drawer
Digital copy of deedGoogle Drive,
Mortgage informationChurch Office file drawer
Membership Roster and DirectoryChurch DB on Constant Contact
Church Directories 1984 - 2008Archive file cabinet in cottage
Current BylawsGoogle Drive,, available from website
Original and later versions of BylawsArchive file cabinet in cottage
Policies and ProceduresGoogle Drive,, available from website
Board and Congregational Meeting Minutes 2009 - presentGoogle Drive,, available from website
Minutes 1998 - 2012Archive file cabinet in cottage
Annual Reports 2012 - presentGoogle Drive,, available from website
Annual Reports 1966, 1981 - 2012Archive file cabinet in cottage
Annual Reports, otherNot found
Books recording Weddings, Memorial Services, and DedicationsMinister's Office
Personnel files, activeMinister's Office
Job desciptionsGoogle Drive,
Retirement and pension records since 2014Treasurer
Payroll records since 2009Heartland Payroll Service (previously Ovation)
Workers' compensation recordsChurch Office file drawer
Personnel Manual, Board ManualGoogle Drive,, available from website
Insurance documentsChurch Office file drawer
Financial records before 2006Not found
Financial paper records, 2006 - one year agoArchive file cabinet in cottage
Financial paper records, present yearTreasurer's home
Budgets and monthly and year end financial reports since 2014Dropbox
Accounting records (Quicken) since 2012Dropbox
Pledge records since 2014Church DB
Pledge records 2002 - 2013Dropbox
Sunday Orders of Service, 2012 - presentChurch Office file drawer
Orders of Service for memorials, weddings, etc.Church Office file drawer
Sunday Orders of Service, 1999 - 2011Archive file cabinet in cottage
Church addition permits etc.Archive file cabinet in cottage
Audio system purchase documentsArchive file cabinet in cottage
Building plans, property documents, etc.One roll in archive "cubby," others being sought
Photos, clippings, albumsArchive "cubby" in Church Office
Photographic inventory of church possessionsGoogle photos on
Timeline created for 60th anniversaryArchive "cubby" in Church Office
Original galleys and photos for "An Ordinary Miracle" and "The Miracle Continues"Church Office file drawer
2014 time capsule contents and locationArchive file cabinet in cottage