Purpose: The purpose of the Starr King Improvisation Troupe (SKIT) is to encourage fun, fellowship, and personal growth.

Membership and Meetings:  Improv sessions are open to all on the second Thursday of each month at 7:30 PM


Experience in improvisation is fun, but improvisational skills are also valuable in many social settings, as well as in overcoming stage fright. Listening skills, the ability to hold one’s own in conversations, and teamwork skills are especially likely to improve. You don’t have to be a natural comedian or actor to participate (or not participate) and learn from experience in this warm, non-threatening setting. People who are new to the group are encouraged to participate as they are comfortable.

Members of SKIT take turns being leader. The leader brings several improv games and exercises to share with the group. (Games and exercises are easily available on line.) S/he describes the game and asks for volunteers to participate. One person begins and others respond. The only rules are to listen to each other, accept whatever is brought to the scene, and respect and support one another. There are no mistakes. Any suggestions made after a skit are helpful, not hurtful.

You’re welcome to come and watch; the troupe loves to have an audience! Suggestions from audience members are solicited and welcomed.

SKIT members usually create one or two lay led worship services during the year.


Job Description for SKIT Coordinator (Glen Jacob)


  • Publicize the group
  • Prepare an annual report