The purpose of our Green Sanctuary program is to actively work to protect the earth and its resources by encouraging and maintaining environmentally sustainable actions by the church, by congregation members, and by the community at large.

To live these principals and maintain accreditation, we have five overarching objectives:

  • Encouraging sustainable individual and community lifestyles
  • Increase knowledge of environmental problems and sustainable practices
  • Motivate members to become involved in community action on environmental issues
  • Heighten awareness of the connection between spiritual and environmental issues
  • Act to rectify environmental injustices

As a Green Sanctuary, our congregation is challenged on an on-going basis to consider the following:

  • What are your energy usage patterns and current conservation practices?
  • What are the local recycling procedures and what is your level of compliance?
  • What are the existing policies for use of non-disposable materials, environmentally friendly cleaning supplies, etc.?
  • What existing church policies govern purchasing and investing decisions? Are your investments in keeping with your environmental and other social values?
  • Do you have landscaping policies that direct use of native species, landscape chemicals, etc?
  • What current religious education programs relate to the environment for both children and adults?
  • How well does your worship integrate the wisdom of the Earth?

Please join us by contacting the Chair of our Green Sanctuary Committee at

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