These links are for current Starr King UU Church members. Interested in learning more about us or becoming a member? Get in touch!

Are you a church member with a question about email communications? the database? the meaning of life? Well, your magical administrator can help with those first two! When in doubt, email our admin at for help. Some examples of how they can assist:

  • want to sign up for church emails – or if you don’t know why you stopped getting them
  • get stuck logging into and/or using the church database (see more below)
  • need to update your information for church emails or the directory
  • are planning an event you want to publicize to the church (and beyond!)

Member Database

You can use our ChurchDB database to find contact information, including photographs, of other members. Please contact if you need to:

  • Update your information
  • Request a PDF or paper copy of the directory

Committees & Groups

Please email if your committee or group needs help with anything, including:

  • Sharing information between committee or group members
  • Archiving documents (minutes, policies, how tos, job descriptions, etc.) in the official church archive
  • Communicating your mission and ministry: the administrator can update the website and share it through other media following a plan you develop together.