You will be switching back and forth between tabs. Look at the photo below to see where the tabs are. You’ve already opened at least two: the one you just left (labeled “Website Lesson”), and this one, labeled “Mini Lesson.” (You might have a lot more tabs open than that.)


Practice clicking back and forth between the real tabs on your computer (not the ones in the picture on this page) being sure to end back here. As we go through the lesson, after you open a new tab, switch to it, look at the page, then come back to the lesson. Click back and forth between the lesson tab and the page tab as many times as you need to make sense of the lesson. To close a tab you don’t want, click on its X. If you accidentally close the lesson tab, go back to the Chalice article and use the link there to get back to it.

That’s the end of this mini-lesson. Now switch to the Website Lesson tab. You can then close this one.