Church committees and groups are welcome to schedule events on the church calendar in coordination with our Office Administrator via email at

Spaces are:

  • Kitchen and Lounge (part of the Fellowship Hall)
  • Creekside Room (part of the Fellowship Hall)
  • Hillside Room (part of the Fellowship Hall)
  • Fellowship Hall
  • Sanctuary
  • Conference Room
Sunday scheduling:

Sunday worship, including Coffee Hour, is a special time for community, fellowship and outreach to visitors, new members and old friends. In affirmation of our church’s commitment to hospitality, church members are encouraged to explore and protect this special time. Accordingly,

  • Please consider days other than Sunday for your meetings.
  • Please ensure that any Sunday morning meetings or events end by 10:15 a.m.
  • Please seek to schedule meetings after Sunday worship to begin at 12:15 p.m. or later.
  • Please coordinate potluck and other food-involved events planned for immediately after worship with the Sunday Coffee Committee. Check sign-up sheet on the Community Table in the far lefthand corner of Fellowship Hall or call the Office Administrator to determine who is handling Coffee on a particular date.
Scheduling procedure:
  1. Check the online calendar to see which rooms and dates are available.  If you want to schedule an event which conflicts with an event already on the calendar, attempt to work it out with whoever scheduled the prior event.
  2. Email with your room request. Include your group name, event name, date, time, and room requested.
  3. The Office Administrator will email you to confirm your reservation has been made.
  4. Once your reservation has been confirmed, please check the online calendar to ensure your meeting is scheduled as requested. If not, please bring it to the Office Administrator’s attention.