Are you looking for a church that guides your children in developing their own spiritual values? Starr King is committed to supporting our families and inspiring our youth. From infants to teenagers, we offer children:

  • a safe and accepting space to be their authentic selves
  • opportunities to express themselves in art and music
  • deeper understandings of global faith and philosophical traditions
  • sensitivity to the difficult questions of life and growing up
  • participation in environmental and social justice projects

At Church

We are excited to welcome families into the space we’ve designed for creativity, learning, and living our values. Here are some basics to give you an idea of what to expect:

  • Babies are always welcome to stay in the sanctuary, but we also have a comfortable couch and speakers in the Fellowship Hall if you want to step out for awhile.
  • During some services, children can head over to the Hall for activities led by our Family Ministry Coordinator. Other services are multigenerational, with special themes and celebrations.
  • Our vision is that children and youth are included in church services, activities, leadership, and service.