Glen Jacob

My family was never part of a church, and I never saw the need to be part of any organized religion. When I heard about people giving money to their churches (sometimes a lot), I always thought ” They’re being duped” or “ripped off.”  I couldn’t see the value of it.

Years later, when some friends of ours told us of Starr King church, of course I was doubtful.  My wife went first, and said the speaker was just wonderful, so I checked it out. Yes, the minister (Mark Bellettini at the time) was wonderful! I was surprised at how much I enjoyed the experience. Services were emotional and memorable, and the people were warm and welcoming.

I’ve made many close friends here.

Soon, I began to give to the church, not because I had to, but because I wanted to. As I grew to love this place. I needed to be more involved. As time went by, I joined many committees, and am currently on the Worship Committee, and help with Sunday services. I’ve designed and led a few lay services of my own. I’ve contributed to, and created several fund raisers, particularly the Mystery Dinner shows, and am working on a new one now.

It makes me feel good to be part of this community, and to help it and nurture it when I can.

Plus from time to time I’m asked to write testimonials, and you can’t get much more fun than that!

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