Lorie Miller

I found Starr King on Google. It was within walking distance so off I went.  From my very first visit I knew I was in the right place. The sermon was about hugging trees. Seeking spirituality, looking for your Light, is a journey. Before finding Starr King my journey was long and at times discouraging and very lonely.

Now I’ve discovered that we all seek our Light and we can do it among a caring, compassionate community. If only our world could do what Starr King has accomplished.

I truly look forward to Sundays and the other activities Starr King offers.   S.K. is more than a church sermon. It is a nurturing environment where people can step out of their comfort zone and be themselves. I have met many warmhearted people here.  My spiritual path is now integrated in who I am and integrated with others who are a part of the Starr King’s family.  I am truly content and happy.

My Credo

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