Nancy Harrison

On my first visit to this church, I couldn’t sing because my tears blurred the words in the hymnal. To my immense surprise, I was crying with joy and relief! These hymns had words I could accept with my whole heart! In this church I didn’t have to sing or say words I didn’t believe!

I first came to this church in 2007 after a therapist asked about my support system. Mine was really weak. But how could I get a support system? Using a church seemed hypocritical because I had identified as an atheist since my youth. I rejected religion because all churches seemed to want me to at least say things I didn’t believe, and I really hated doing that. It felt slimy and dishonest–sort of like using a church to get a support system. But I couldn’t think of any alternative, so I reluctantly gave this church a try.

I was made to feel immediately welcome–the people were and are great. I’ve found the support system I was seeking. But more important for me, the Unitarian Universalist religion fills a hole in my life I didn’t know was there. I’m still pretty much an atheist (I mean, who knows anything for certain), but I’ve found a religion that does everything I think a religion should do.

My Credo

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