Rene G. Castle

I have found that Starr King offers a supportive home and community for people of diverse beliefs. Over the years I’ve called myself Atheist, Humanist, and a Christian with mystical leanings.  For much of my life I felt religion was largely about control, conformity, blind obedience, shame, hate, bigotry, misogyny, self-righteousness, and an outright willful denial of reality revealed by science: a path of irrational self-delusion leading to pain and destruction that should be avoided if not actively opposed.

Now, I have come to see value where once I saw only liability.  The criticisms remain.  Many of the seeds of love and wisdom cast by Jesus, the Buddha, Mohammad and others do fall into the rocky places to wither or grow chocked by the thorns of hate, but not all.  Now I see that there are places of good soil where the seeds can and do grow to yield a bounty of love, joy, and hope.  Such places make all the difference and I have found Starr King to be a place of exceptionally rich soil.

My Credo

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