Stuart Fink

When our children were much younger we shopped churches in the East Bay that were family friendly.  My wife and I came from different religious backgrounds, so we were looking for a church that felt warm and welcoming to both of us. We attended Starr King several times but failed to realize that we each were enamored with the church and thought the other one was not that much interested. Years passed and   by chance I was acting in a play with someone who I found out was a member of Starr King.  I took it as a sign to check out the church one more time. After attending one Sunday service I invited my wife to attend the next Sunday and we joined that fall, more than ten years ago.  Our younger daughter enjoyed the youth group at the church and my wife and I got immediately involved in various activities and committees.  It has been wonderful to be a member of such a forward thinking and community involved congregation.

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