Hello Starr King Members!

Before we start, a little housekeeping:

  1. These instructions are intended for use on a computer. Only a few notes are included for mobile phone usage. I hope phone users can figure the rest out.
  2. Links in this website are colored dark blue, and don’t stand out very well from the black type. We wish the links were a little more obvious, but we can’t fix it, so you have to look sort of hard to see them. There’s one at the end of the next item.
  3. You need to be comfortable switching back and forth between tabs. If you’re not, please go to this mini-lesson.


Time to get started.

Open the HOME PAGE now, then switch back to this tab to keep reading.

The Home Page is directed squarely at the public at large, but pieces of it can be very handy for members. When you look at the Home Page you can’t miss the orange box with a summary of the Next Service. A list of upcoming Events is nearer the bottom. Now switch to the Home tab, and click on an event. Then use your back arrow to return to the Home Page. (The back arrow is probably in the upper left of your screen, just under the tabs.) Then switch back back to this tab.

By clicking on an event you should have found the time, place, and a complete description of the event, including any necessary registration form. You can always use the Home Page to find out about upcoming events and the next service. Next you’ll learn about other handy “widgets” on the Home Page that also appear on all the website pages.


HEADINGS: Every page including Home has seven Headings: Home, About, News, Worship, Learning, Justice, and Connection. On mobile phones click on Menu to see the Headings.


To use a Heading, click on it to see its menu, then move down the menu to the item you want and click on it. For practice, now switch back to Home, click on CONNECTION, go down its menu to click on Network, look to see what’s on that page, and then switch back here.

Network is useful for folks who want to stay in touch. It tells you how to make use of all our communication channels except actually talking face to face. From ChurchDB you can even get mailing addresses for snail mail! Sign up for as many communication avenues as you like. There’s not a lot of traffic, so don’t worry about that.

For more practice, switch back to the other tab, click on CONNECTION, open Volunteer, look at it, click on any group that interests you, then come back here. Volunteer gives you access to pages for all the committees. Those pages in turn tell how to join the group. Are there any groups you’d like to join?

The Headings work the same on all the pages. More on headings later.

TOP LINKS: At the top right corner of every page are five useful Top Links which are pretty self-explanatory. On mobile phones they appear immediately under the Starr King logo, above Menu.


Switch back to the other tab and check them all out, then return.  You will see that these “widgets” can indeed be useful. Try to remember that they exist; they’re easy to forget. Unfortunately, SEARCH and DIRECTIONS don’t work from all pages, including this one; it’s a glitch we can’t fix. But they work from many, and always work from the Home Page.

BOTTOM LINKS:  At the very bottom of every page are some links in white on purple.


You can ignore most of these Bottom Links, but one is very useful: the link to ChurchDB, the church database. You can use ChurchDB to find phone numbers, mailing addresses, and email addresses of other members. You can also look at your pledge information, and update your own email address, phone number, and street address. And if you want, you can print out a complete Directory. To use ChurchDB you have to register, which is very easy if your email address is up to date. How to register and use ChurchDB.

ORANGE LINKS: Also near the bottom of every page are some links in orange on purple. Look at the photo above to see them. One is useful if you use Amazon. When anyone uses the church link to order from Amazon it provides a significant contribution to the church at no cost to the buyer. Learn more. The link says “GO TO AMAZON to Donate to Starr King UU Church.” It’s near the bottom of every page, in orange type under “Join Our Mailing List.”

To see what happens, switch back to the other tab to click on the ChurchDB link and the GO TO AMAZON link, then switch back to here. If you get stuck on a tab, close it by clicking on the X on the tab.

You’re done with the hardest part. All that remains is the contents of the other six Headings, and only the first one is long.

ABOUT: ABOUT has a LOT of information about the church. Switch back to the other tab one more time (or click Home if you lost the tab), click on ABOUT, open Our Elected Leaders, read the page, then return. Go back to the page and click on the Board Meeting Minutes link at the bottom. If you’d like to know what our Board of Trustees does, reading the minutes is the best way to find out. That’s just one thing.

There’s more on ABOUT than you can see from the menu that comes up when you click on the ABOUT tab. If you open any page under ABOUT, like Our Elected Leaders, the left hand column shows a longer menu. Go back and click on the ABOUT tab again to see the short menu and also look at the longer menu, then return.

Now that you’re more or less accustomed to working with the headings, for the rest of the lesson I’ll just give you links that open up the pages instead of having you switch back and forth. Close the extra tabs if they get out of hand.

Please look at some of the Testimonials, and consider submitting one of your own along with a photo you like. Testimonials pop up on Home, and are important in attracting new members. If you’ve written your own credo, send it too, with the date you wrote it.

I also recommend that you check out Our Beliefs and Our Governance. If that’s not enough, read about Our Symbol–the Flaming Chalice and Thomas Starr King. When you have some time on your hands, read through the Chronology, which is reached from the Our History page.

As you become more involved with church activities, an item you might occasionally find useful is Church Documents. It provides links to all our “official” digital documents, including our Bylaws, Policies and Procedures, useful hints and guidelines, and Resolutions.

If you don’t think the website descriptions match your perception of us, please let me know (contact info below). I’m only a person, and might get things wrong. On the other hand, maybe you have something to learn. Do explore.

NEWS: Unlike the other headings, NEWS is directed mostly at members. Its menu has just four items: News items, upcoming Events (again), and all the issues of the Chalice, at Newsletter.

WORSHIP: As with About Us, most items on the WORSHIP menu should be interesting to read once. (If there’s anything there you find inaccurate or misleading, again, please tell me.) For repeated use, the descriptions of Upcoming Services, and Podcasts of past services are worth remembering.

LEARNING and JUSTICE: If you haven’t already explored the menu items under these tabs look now at Learning Overview and Justice Overview.

CONNECTION: Remember that CONNECTION is where to find Network and Volunteer. If you haven’t already, also check out Pastoral Care, Small Groups Ministry, and Donate.

And that’s it. Now you’re an expert!

Consider bookmarking Home on your computer and smart phone; the website works well on both, and bookmarking is the easiest way to get back to the website. You can also always find our website by Googling Starr King UU Church Hayward, or by entering our URL: starrking.org.

Finally, one last time: If you have comments, suggestions, or questions, please contact me. My email address is noo.nancy@yahoo.com; my phone number is 510-861-0687. I do respond to texts. (I also welcome face to face conversations!)

Nancy Harrison