Our Mission

Starr King Unitarian Universalist Church in Hayward, California is a welcoming congregation that strives to foster respect and compassion for all people and a reverence for nature. We support one another in our search for spiritual and religious meaning and are committed to working for justice in the larger community.

Approved by Board of Trustees, March 1, 2007


Our Vision

To be a spiritual community for our time:

  • Theologically diverse
  • Radically inclusive
  • Justice centered

Approved (provisionally) by Board of Trustees, November 7, 2019


Our Commitment

We faithfully try to be . . .

  • A vibrant, dynamic, and diverse community in which meaningful transformative spiritual practice flourishes.

  • A congregation that assists and celebrates each individual’s search for truth through the unity of fellowship and common worship.

  • A congregation that provides adults and children with a rich array of opportunities for personal and spiritual growth through involvement, leadership, and service to others.

  • A caring congregation that warmly welcomes visitors into our spiritual community and lovingly supports our members through crises and transitions.

  • A congregation that actively addresses social justice issues, making a real difference in people’s lives through education and action, as well as moral, spiritual and material support.

  • A church that actively works to protect the earth and its resources and cultivates a sustainable and aesthetically pleasing environment that enriches our community and spiritual life.

  • A church that operates its business affairs legally, ethically, compassionately, prudently, and transparently, and develops budgets and fundraising initiatives that support the congregation’s needs, goals, and values.

 Approved by the Starr King Congregation, May 19, 2013


Our Covenant of Good Relations

In the covenantal tradition of Unitarian Universalism, we strive to build our religious community on a foundation of kindness, understanding and tolerance and to be guided by our principles in all our actions and interactions. We covenant to welcome one another as unique individuals and to celebrate our diverse beliefs as we walk our chosen paths together. We promise to share our gifts and to encourage and appreciate the contributions of others.

To foster a community of respect, we will speak kindly of one another and to one another and, should difficulties arise between or among us, we will speak directly to those concerned with the goal of reconciliation. We will not engage in harmful gossip and we will urge others to resolve difficulties directly with the person/s concerned. Should we need assistance to restore good relations, we will call upon the process and resources provided by Starr King Unitarian Universalist Church. We will participate in the democratic process by which our religious community governs itself, and we will respect the outcomes of the collective wisdom. For the health, and well being of our beloved community, we make this pledge together.

 Approved by the Starr King Congregation, May 2007