While our worship services are informal, friendly, and often cheerful, we take worship seriously.

We find strength in the calm formality of ritual and comfort in togetherness. During a worship service you might experience…

  • awe of the universe, our planet, and the beauty of the natural world
  • trust in the power of love, gratitude, and forgiveness
  • reverence for great teachers and leaders
  • mindfulness and gratitude for what matters most in life
  • quiet moments for reflection and peace
  • great joy in music and poetry
  • sadness, with help in healing
  • inspiration, often from surprising places
  • forgiveness, for others and yourself
  • motivation to become your better self
  • togetherness in holidays and traditions

We arrive at worship seeking many different things. Our worship services call us to our better selves as we learn to live with more connection, wisdom, compassion, and happiness.

Sunday Worship Services

Sunday services start at 10:30am. Visitors are warmly welcome! Contact us if there’s anything we can do to make your visit more comfortable.

What to Expect in Sunday Worship

Evening Meditation

Evening Meditation meets every Wednesday 7-8:45pm. We encourage relaxation, healing, fellowship, and personal growth.

Vespers and Events

Check in with our events and follow us on Facebook to find out about special evening and holiday services.