While our worship services are informal, friendly, and often cheerful, we take worship seriously.

Newly emerged monarch butterfly
Newly emerged monarch butterfly

We stand in awe of the great power that created the universe, our planet, and us. We trust in the power of love, gratitude, and forgiveness. We celebrate life, the better nature of human beings, and the magnificence and beauty of the natural world. We find strength in the calm formality of ritual, and joy and emotional release in music and singing. We rely on the comfort of warm togetherness. We revere great teachers and leaders like Jesus, the Buddha, Confucius, Martin Luther King, Gandhi, and great writers and philosophers and scientists, and observe meaningful holidays and traditions. We occasionally pay homage to Unitarian Universalist heros such as Thomas Starr King. That’s part of what worship means to us.

We gather together for worship services seeking many different things

  • truth, knowledge, and wisdom
  • reminders of what matters most in life
  • a time of peace and beauty
  • inspiration
  • help with forgiving others and ourselves
  • moments of joy
  • a time to feel sadness and help with healing
  • reminders to feel grateful for the multitude of everyday miracles that surround us
  • motivation to work to make things better
  • simply a time to be in community and fellowship

In a world of heartbreak and dehumanization, our worship services call us to our better selves. Over time, we learn to live with more wisdom, more connection, more happiness, and more compassion.

Sunday worship services are weekly reflections that weave together our own thoughts and experiences with music, beauty, poetry, and words that both comfort and challenge. Sunday services are at 10:30 a.m.

Evening Meditation meets every Wednesday 7:30 – 8:45 p.m. Attendees practice meditation and reap its benefits.
Please check the calendar for a full list of activities and events.

Visitors are always welcome at all our worship services.

Our programs for all ages inspire us, and awaken us to our capacities to make a difference in our own lives and in the world.

Connect with us to join in.