Theme, surrounding the Independence Day Holiday, is “patriotism.”  It will explore the various meanings of the word in context with the holiday.  Pulpit guest Bob Meyerson will focus on how the word has been defined throughout all of the wars in which we’ve been involved, with special emphasis on the Revolutionary war and the Civil more »

Spiritual Tools to Help Us Survive and Thrive

 Guest speaker, Rev. Helen McFadyen offers an A-Z practical assortment of spiritual tools for everyday life, and for coping with our most vulnerable times. 

The Great Red Scare

It’s 1919, World War I is over but the country is in turmoil. The government fears violent revolution and wants to deport all radicals. What should UU’s do? Come hear some answers and be surprised.

Circle Dance

Maureen Atkins will lead a service of circle dancing. Come prepared to move! Older children are welcome to participate in the dances.  

The Meaning of Life, One Situation at a Time

Let us explore how we deal with life, as we present our annual improvised service.  Many of the service elements will be created on the spot.  A fun, yet meaningful act of creation.