Cesar Chavez: Beloved Mexican-American Prophet, Visionary, and Workers’ Rights Advocate.

Join us as we celebrate his legacy through narrative and music

Faithful Fools

In laughter we find our common humanity, through which celebration and healing can occur. Faithful Fools see the world in all its glorious absurdity and yet trust the universe.

The Third Reconstruction – A New Justice Movement to Save the Soul of America

Church members share insights and inspiration from our common read, The Third Reconstruction, How a Moral Movement is Overcoming the Politics of Division and Fear by the Rev Dr William J Barber II.

The Perfect Minister

Let us take a moment to appreciate the job that ministers do. Ministers in general and our new minister Rev. Maria Christina in particular as we lead into her installation ceremony this afternoon.  

Ritualizing a Brave New World

We made a ritual of our choices without paying attention. Doing things we hate, being too cool to care, coming not fully human, compromising our integrity, putting on a face to each other, being less intimate with ourselves.  Now what if we made a ritual about choices we would like to have for ourselves? Maria more »