Please contact if you need the Zoom link for an upcoming service or other virtual event.

Zoom Inclusion Ministry (ZIM) promotes the equitable and loving inclusion of “Zoomies,” i.e., those joining our worship services and other events via Zoom. This helps not just the Zoomies but the whole community, strengthening connections and fostering a strong sense of belonging. It also creates a valuable learning lab for inclusion.

We created a workshop about Zoom Inclusion for General Assembly 2023 which you can watch here: A Zoom Transformation: Build Community, Practice Inclusion. It has a handout.

On Aug 12, 2023, 28 people representing 16 UU churches in 10 states and all 5 UUA regions met for 3 hours (over Zoom, of course!) to share ideas and plans for Zoom Inclusion. Out of this came a google group, UU Zoom Inclusion, a community of UUs dedicated to improving multi platform inclusion to strengthen our communities, attract and retain members, and learn how being inclusive in this context can help our other inclusion efforts.

Please join us! You can go to the group’s webpage and click “ask to join group”, or write to Questions, ideas, suggestions are all welcome as well.