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Sci-Fi to UU?

How does science fiction lead one directly into becoming UU? Glen Jacob will talk about inspirations from some places that you may not expect. Come for a fun and unusual service! Welcome! We are always delighted to welcome guests! If this is your first time visiting a Unitarian Universalist church or our congregation, here’s some … Continue reading Sci-Fi to UU?

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    • New UU Statement of Values PassesNew UU Statement of Values Passes
      Big news from the recent annual General Assembly: the vote to change Article II passed! Remind me what Article II is? If you’re new to Unitarian Universalism, here’s a quick recap: UUs ...
    • Congregational Poll: Results & QuestionsCongregational Poll: Results & Questions
      On May 19 we held a congregational forum to get feedback from church members as our delegates head to General Assembly. As we shared recently, our delegates will be voting ...
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