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Circle Dance

Come join us in the dance.  Pulpit guest Maureen Atkins will lead everyone in this service of circle dancing for all ages.  Come prepared to move, dance and have fun. All dances will be taught beforehand. Older children are more than welcome to participate.

Quote of the Month

“We come here today to make the most incredible faith claim of all: that we can establish a world that recognizes the dignity of every single human being and that we can make that world using the power of love.”  —Melissa Harris


  • Game Night
    • 08/18/2018 - 6:30 PM - Starr King UU Church


My family was never part of a church, and I never saw the need to be part of any organized religion. When I heard about people giving money to their churches (sometimes a lot), I always thought " They're being duped" or "ripped off."  I couldn't see the value of it.
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