At Starr King UU Church, we live our commitment as a church that operates its affairs legally, ethically, compassionately, prudently, and transparently.


Our Bylaws are our primary governing document, supported by other Church Documents. The Bylaws were first adopted in 1967 by the congregation and can still be updated by congregational vote.

Board of Trustees

As the executive body of the church, the elected Board of Trustees:

  • represents the church in the larger community
  • has ultimate responsibility for the church’s property, business affairs, administration, and hiring
  • acts in accordance with the Board Manual 
  • approves all official Policies and Procedures

Members of the Board of Trustees are nominated by the Nominating Committee and elected by the congregation at our annual meeting. If you are curious about serving on the Board of Trustees, please reach out to our Nominating Committee at

2023-2026 Board of Trustees

Mileva Saulo Lewis, President, 2023-2025

Diane Meyerson, Vice President, 2023-2025

Terri Owen, Treasurer, 2024-2026

Ben Ogilvie, Secretary, 2024-2026

Members at Large: Rene Castle, Allison Prout, Mary Lou Schuler

Governance Committees

Anyone interested in serving on a governance committee should contact the leader of that committee.


Regional and National Organizations

Each Unitarian Universalist congregation is independent and democratic. We get to decide what’s important to us as a congregation, elect our leaders, and choose our own minister.

UU congregations are supported by the Unitarian Universalist Association (UUA) in Boston, the central organization for the UU religious movement in the United States. Congregations vote for UUA leaders who oversee their own central staff and resources.

The Unitarian Universalist Association is divided into regions. We are part of the Pacific Western Region (PWR). They host events and regional assemblies where you can meet other UUs in the western United States. Subscribe to their newsletter to find out about upcoming opportunities.