We welcome you! If you choose to support the life and principles of our church, we invite you to become a member.

Your Path

There are many reasons to become a member of Starr King UU Church in Hayward, but the decision to join is a personal one. We don’t require that our members have any particular set of beliefs. You will know what feels right for you, and we will respect and support your journey.

A common pathway to membership is attending Sunday services for awhile and following up at a Visitors Circle. The circles are held on the first Sunday of each month after the service. A small group of members and visitors chat about their spiritual background and current path. Visitors are encouraged to describe the kind of spiritual community they are seeking. You are always welcome to meet one-to-one with our minister.

To say yes to a community is powerful on a personal level. If you have found yourself coming back again and again and feel that Unitarian Universalism is the right tradition for you or your family, we encourage you to become a member. We rely on members to support Starr King through attendance in services, volunteering, and financial support. Becoming a member also strengthens our faith denomination’s presence in this country.


To become a member, you simply need to sign our historic membership book. At some point you will be formally introduced to the congregation in a welcoming ceremony. The new members and congregation make promises of mutual support. And then we all eat cake!

You can make an appointment with the minister to get acquainted, ask questions, and sign the book when you are ready.

Membership Benefits

In addition to being part of community where you have the opportunity to connect, learn, and serve, members can vote in congregational meetings about important issues and hold elected offices. Our church is governed by democratic principles.

Members also have access to the minister for wedding or memorial services and receive a discount on room rentals.

Membership Expectations

We expect members to attend services when they can, to volunteer as their time allows and heart directs, and to provide financial support. The average annual pledge that we need is $1,500 per person. We anticipate that some can give less and some can give more that that average. We also understand that people are in different life stages. Some may have more time to volunteer than money to pledge, or vice versa.


Questions? Please reach out to our minister, who would be happy to meet with you at your convenience.