We acknowledge your loss and stand ready to help you create a memorial service or celebration of life that truly honors your loved one’s memory.

Unitarian Universalists affirm the inherent worth of all people. We respect your personal beliefs and faith traditions. Memorial services are crafted to reflect the personality of the deceased and your family.

If you would like our minister preside over a funeral or memorial service, please get in touch so we can start to make arrangements. If she is unable to officiate, our minister will work with you to find another officiant.

Our facility is available for rental. All memorial services will be scheduled in consultation with the minister.

They Are With Us Still

In the ­struggles we choose for ourselves,
in the ways we move forward in our lives
and bring our world forward with us,

It is right to remember the names of those
who gave us strength in this choice of living.
It is right to name the power of hard lives well-lived.

We share a history with those lives.
We belong to the same motion.

They too were strengthened by what had gone before.
They too were drawn on by the vision of what might come to be.

Those who lived before us,
who ­struggled for justice and suffered injustice before us,
have not melted into the dust,
and have not disappeared.

They are with us still.
The lives they lived hold us steady.

Their words remind us and call us back to ourselves.
Their courage and love evoke our own.

We, the living, carry them with us:
we are their voices, their hands and their hearts.

We take them with us,
and with them choose the deeper path of living.

– Kathleen McTigue