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Stewardship Season Begins

Stewardship – the protection of something considered worth caring for and preserving. Something precious.

Have you noticed a new energy in our church?  I have.  You can see it in budding flowers and budding bushes, cottage meetings, congregational conversation sessions, laughing out of doors, singing without masks, and laughing at jokes from the pulpit, to name only a few. Spring is almost here; this season of new beginnings, the awakening of the land and our Read the rest

Religious Education Report 2023

From Jeffrey Melcher, our Religious Education consultant:

Dear SKUU community,
There is always more to say, to write, and to care about. My time with Starr King UU Church has been a rewarding and engaging experience for me. It has reminded me of why I love being involved with UU communities and those passionate about engaging in whole family ministry. I have a few more tasks to follow up on in the next few
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Staff Changes at Starr King

Update 2.1.2023: We have hired a new administrator! She will start her new role later this month. Stay tuned for details!


There are some important changes in staffing coming up at Starr King UU Church. Our goal is to hire a new Office Administrator who lives locally, to start mid- to late-February. The position, for the most part, will require in-person services at our church location in Hayward. The position combines the tasks currently … Read the rest

Board of Supervisors Meeting on Sheriff Oversight

By Bob Britton

Today, Tuesday, Dec 6, 2022, at 3:15 pm the Alameda County Board of Supervisors will hold a “Special” Board meeting to discuss the parameters of a potential Sheriff Oversight ordinance. 

Please speak at the meeting in support of strong independent sheriff oversight. You can speak at the meeting over zoom.

A coalition of organizations including our Starr King Church affiliate, the Interfaith Coalition for Justice in our Jails (ICJJ) along with Alameda … Read the rest

Goodbye, Summer Garden

We have said our good-byes to our summer garden. We are so grateful to her for all the harvest gifts this year. Now it is time for our winter garden, carrots, beets, broccoli, and a sweet-pea tee-pee. The children will be able to sit inside and experience the garden from the inside out.
SoUUlful Family Ministry Coordinator, Lorie Miller
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Family Ministry: Community Garden Success!

What do Starr King youth think about their community garden?

“We are happy to grow food  for others…”

“The food we donated was grown without any pesticides…”

“We are happy we could feed hungry people.”

Our children’s community garden was a success!! Our harvest was sent home with families at our local food pantry, South Hayward Parish. We are now preparing our garden for a fall harvest and considering broccoli, carrots, salad greens, brussels … Read the rest

Family Ministry: Living in the Moment

In those moments in life where we don’t quite get it right, look for opportunities to loosen up expectations that keep us stuck in the “plan.” Children have a great way of being in the moment, and our Starr King children taught me that exact lesson.

My Story

My plan was to teach the children how music plays a part in telling a story. I gave 4-5 year olds sliding whistles. They could explore their … Read the rest

Family Ministry: Seed to Harvest

SoUUlful UU Ministry has been experiencing “seed to harvest!” Several months ago the children planted pop corn, radish, sweet peas, beans, sweet corn, and pumpkin seeds. In preparation, as one of our family projects, the families created a table top compost bin. Now as we harvest, we will share our tomatoes with our local food bank. And we recently picked our sweet peas to share at our multi-gen pot luck at church.

Lorie Miller, … Read the rest

Family Ministry: Honoring Each Other

I witnessed two young children understanding the process of honoring one another with dignity
We were opening up our circle by chiming a musical instrument, the triangle. R called out first,  “My turn”,  but O was first to grab the instrument. R told him several times that it was her turn first. She called it. He did not relinquish the triangle. His reasoning was he reached for it first, therefore it was his turn. O
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