Author: Church Admin

How to Handle Email Scams

Churches of all denominations are targets for scams, especially the ones that use our trusting and helpful nature against us. We want to remind our Starr King community that nobody from the church, including our minister, will ever ask you for money or gift cards or make vague requests for help that require you to … Continue reading How to Handle Email Scams

Why Are We Partying This Stewardship Season?

WHY ARE WE PARTYING THIS STEWARDSHIP SEASON? Great question!   Community is a vital and precious aspect of our church life. Whenever we poll the congregation, Community ranks very high as an important blessing for each member.  Community means shared values, coming together for worship, and caring for one another, our children and the earth.  Community … Continue reading Why Are We Partying This Stewardship Season?

Five Year Anniversary

I read somewhere that traditionally the five year anniversary gift is wood…and I think back to our installation ceremony four years ago…and the drums made of wood, that were such an important cultural element. I can hear the drums as the Aztec dancers blessed me with sacred copal incense. I asked Xiomara, who is an Aztec … Continue reading Five Year Anniversary

Moving Forward Together

As I admire the beauty of new Spring blossoms, I am reminded that last year in March we closed our building and began to navigate the COVID pandemic as best we could. Despite all the fear and uncertainty, we regrouped and with great leadership and a core group of volunteers, we moved forward together. Since … Continue reading Moving Forward Together