From the Minister: Coastal Salish Family Day

This month I had the blessing of being part of a wonderful event: The Coastal Salish Family Day. We gathered via Zoom with Melanie Schambach, who came up with the mural idea, and other artists and community members who participated in the creation of a mural that accompanied the Red Road Totem Pole on its way to Washington, D.C.

The mural is an amazing collective creation! Claudia and I painted together the red and yellow circle depicting the Mapuche cosmovision.

Someone else added a beautiful feather to it and in that way we, the 250 people who painted, are now forever connected. We are now raising funds to print coloring books which will include the symbols painted on the mural and the stories shared by the painters. This coloring book will be distributed free of charge to schools and community centers. To learn more about the mural, please check out Melanie’s page:

With Gratitude and Love,

Rev. Maria Cristina