Recipe for Nurturing Our Church: Pledge Online

Recipe for Nurturing Our Church


The ingredients in the bread may be simple or exotic. To the starters of yeast, sugar and water,  a variety of flours, seeds, spices, and herbs may be added. In much the same way, our Church begins with our basic UUA principles, then we add the sweetness of love, gratitude, and gifts of service and money.


With great care, respect, and responsible action the bread is mixed, kneaded, and proofed. The processes build structure and strengthen the bread. These acts mirror the hard work that we do in exploring our values and committing to each other which in turn develops and strengthens the fiber of our Church and its programs.

Why this Recipe Works

After the bread is shaped then baked into beautiful loaves, it provides nourishment to us all. As individuals we offer different gifts, but we share the same goal of sustaining this church.

Over 90% of our annual budget comes from pledges. Your contribution allows us to continue to sustain our congregation and its ministries. We encourage you to review the Fair Share Pledge Guide below and invest as generously as your situation allows. With your support we will compensate our dedicated staff fairly, pay operating costs, and continue to offer and develop inspirational programs and activities aligned with our highest values.

This year you have the option of using an online pledge form or a paper pledge card. The paper cards will be available at the church or can be mailed to you. To request a paper pledge card, please contact Diane Meyerson at or 510-581-2037.

Your Canvass Team:
Beth Ogilvie, Claudia McDonagh, Diane Meyerson, Jennifer Koney, Mileva Saulo Lewis