Author: Beth Ogilvie

Get Involved! Creative Committee Projects

The committees are looking for help with projects that have scope for your expertise, passion, and creativity. We are also happy to provide training for any role that catches your eye! Thank you for considering the needs of our Starr King community and for everything you already do.


Social Activities

Help plan and optionally host Circle Suppers, where members get to know each other over delicious home-cooked meals. Let Sandy Simoni know if you’d … Read the rest

GA 2015 by Beth Ogilvie

Beth's GA badgeGeneral Assembly 2015, June 24-28 in Portland, Oregon, was an amazing experience. It was my first GA, my first time being with 4500 other UUs in one place – learning together, worshiping together, witnessing together, and conducting the messy democratic business of the UUA, including amending the UUA bylaws and debating social justice/witness statements.… Read the rest

Tech news from GA 2015 by Beth Ogilvie

At General Assembly 2015 in Portland, Oregon, I attended 2 sessions run by #UUsGetSocial, about how to use internet technology to advance our mission. The first was called Make Your Website Awesome and Make It Yours. Here are some of the things I learned.

New UU church website design coming. More than 50% of all internet accesses are from mobile devices now, and our church website is not mobile friendly. Luckily, the UUA is … Read the rest

GA 2015 by Bob Simoni

Sandy and Bob Simoni with SKUUC banner, General Assembly 2015 Even though Sandy and I only attended the first 2 days, we still found the experience of being around thousands of dedicated UU’s very exciting. To start, it was quite an adrenaline rush to carry our church banner into the open ceremony along with the banners from hundreds of other UU churches throughout the country. The energy level of the convention center was very high as inspirational music played and audience members cheered loudly as … Read the rest

Blindspot – Hidden Biases of Good People

By Beth Ogilvie
As a political liberal and a dedicated UU, I believe in equality and justice for all. I’d like to think I’m not prejudiced, but unfortunately the evidence is against me. I sometimes catch myself having what I call “racist moments,” or sexist moments, and recently I had an ageist/ableist moment.
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