UU The Vote 2020

Take action now to shape the outcome of the November 3, 2020 election.

  • Shape public discourse with our UU values
  • Support the worth and dignity of the marginalized in our society
  • Work towards justice, equity and compassion in our government
  • Support our vision of a world community with peace, liberty and justice for all
  • Provide an alternative to policies of domination, white supremacy and exploitation

Progressive people of faith can have a meaningful role in the upcoming November election by shaping the public discourse with a values-based framing, rooted in our theology and principles. Across the country UU congregations are taking actions to defend our democracy against the forces of hate with a campaign called UU The Vote.

Vote Forward for Voter Turnout!

With the current “Shelter in Place” order we can mobilize now by engaging with Vote Forward in their letter writing campaigns to empower marginalized low propensity voters.

Why do you vote?

Together we can change the world! ~ Beth Ogilvie

I always vote because I believe it is both a privilege and a responsibility to choose who will govern us and tell them what we value most. I vote because together our voices are powerful. Together we can change the world.

Your vote is your voice! ~ Mary Swain

I have adopted 30 voters so far.  I have moved around starting in Texas and then moving to Georgia.  I am now in Florida.  I need to go to the post office and get more stamps. I am now quite addicted to this and will try to do at least 100 before the election.

I don’t think I have written the same letter yet. For the women I say that I vote to honor the sacrifices of those women who fought for my right to vote. To men, I usually talk about having a government that works for all the people.  I always end with your vote is your voice!

Help with postage? Ask the Peace & Justice Action Team

Don’t be left out! Join with these Starr King Church volunteers in our Vote Forward campaign!

  • Jennifer Koney
  • Roy Dickerson
  • Mileva Lewis
  • Zelma Nunez-Borja
  • Beth Ogilvie
  • Natalie Forrest
  • Marilyn Mosher
  • Mary Swain
  • Terri Owen
  • Frank Burton
  • Stephanie Smith
  • Karen Kramer
  • Nancy Bonner-Benson
  • Rene’ Castle
  • Doris Wolf
  • Bob Britton

Volunteer with Vote Forward below or contact Bob Britton at bb26779@gmail.com