Board Message – February

I became a member, and signed the membership book in April of 2007.

At that time we had two services, and I always attended the early service at 9:30am. The attendance at the early service was a small gathering and I got to know a limited group of the congregation very well.  After service during coffee hour, I would meet the other ½ of the congregation coming in for the next service at 11:00am.

In September I became a Greeter and joined the Membership Committee.  At first I did this because I wanted to get to know the other members of our church and found I really enjoy meeting the visitors that come through our doors each week.

In August of 2009, I found myself seated at my first Board of Trustees meeting, as a member at large.  Just as I have grown and changed within our church, the physical building and body of our congregation began to change.  Our new building was completed during my first year on the Board, and I am thankful to the previous Board Members who put in the many hours of hard work to make this project a reality.  On the Sundays that I Greet, I am thrilled to see visitors return, and families happy to have their children involved in our RE classes.

One of my assignments as a Board Member is to organize the reception for our Building Dedication Day.  This event will be held on Sunday, March 13th at 4pm.  As I began planning for this special day, I thought back to when I first walked through the doors of Starr King.  It is heart warming to see how the changes have brought us all closer in a truly welcoming community.  We now hold one service that is full and diverse in many ways.  When we sing, our voices are heard by the children & young adults participating in Religious Exploration in the new classrooms, just across the hall.  The new kitchen allows us to share our hospitality through coffee hour and holiday meals with the community.  We have new systems in place that assist the hearing impaired, and facilities that are equipped for all.

This new building was a vision of our long time members for many years.  I hope you will join us in celebrating the completion of this project, and invite you to grow and participate in this thriving community.

Welcome to our House of Peace.

Colleen Dino