Board Message – Darryl Ray

This will be my last Chalice column as president. I was very fortunate that my term followed that of Meg Jurich, our past president, since many things we have accomplished these past two years began in her tenure. What were just hopes and dreams a few years ago are now realities. As I have mentioned in previous columns, we have more space, a more attractive and comfortable sanctuary, a new sound system and a vibrant and growing Religious Exploration program.

I am also fortunate to have had a great Board of Trustees this past two years. I would like to thank our current board: Andy Hansen, Nancy Harrison, Frank Satterwhite, Roy Dickerson, Colleen Dino, Donnie Rett, Georgia Gruver, Terry Hunt and Mary Swain for their time and great work that they contributed this year.

Also I am grateful to have a really superb new President and Vice President taking the lead for this coming term. I am sure that Andy Hansen and Colleen Dino will do a wonderful job.

So what are my dreams for Starr King UU? Well, I am looking forward to seeing our grounds continue to “bloom”! In addition to constantly improving our landscaping, our Grounds committee is planning for a safer and more accessible playground area adjacent to the sanctuary, and a labyrinth for meditation and contemplation near where the Unitarian House recently stood. Our Religious Exploration Council is planning on continued growth of our children’s RE program. In addition to our youngsters, I would also like to see more youth and young adults become involved with Starr King Church. Perhaps we can have some “outreach” with Cal State East Bay?

I also wish for Starr King to continue to be a place where families and individuals of all walks of life can find a spiritual home. We have made some good progress, but this work is never really done. I know that we have a number of members who are actively involved in making us more welcoming to the LGBT community as well as exploring issues of racism. I look forward to seeing these activities expand.

Finally, I am looking forward to becoming a regular member again. I won’t be coming to church on Sunday to do “church work”, but instead, I will be nourishing my spirit and soul. I will be surrounded by friends and meeting new visitors during coffee hour. This will be a welcome change for me…and who knows; maybe I will even join a committee!
Thanks for all your support these past two years,

P.S. I want to thank Rev. Katie Kandarian-Morris for all her support these past two years and also
to Georgia Gruver for all her patience with me!