President’s Blog – October 2013

September always seems to start fast and furious, with many events on the calendar as we gear up for the Church year.  At our October Board Meeting, we finalized the mail ballot procedure for the amended bylaw changes voted on at our annual meeting in May 2013.  At the annual meeting we voted on all the proposed bylaw changes EXCEPT the changes proposed in Articles XII and XIII.  We could not change these articles at the meeting because Article XIII specifies that changes in these articles require approval by two thirds of the “membership” in a mail ballot.

The proposed changes in these two articles are primarily to make them consistent with the rest of the bylaws.  However, two substantive changes were proposed.  At present, proposals to dissolve the church or changes to Articles XII, XIII, and XIV in any way can be initiated only by petition from 20% of the membership, where “membership” is not clearly defined.  We propose to ALSO allow the Board of Trustees to also initiate those changes.  Initiation by petition would still be allowed.  A mail ballot and approval by two thirds of the current Membership Roster would still be required to actually dissolve the church or make changes in those Articles.

A petition was initiated and signed by 20% of the Membership to proceed with these changes.  A ballot has been drawn up and will be mailed on Monday, October 14th to the current members of Starr King Church.  The Board of Trustees invites the congregation to join us for an informational forum on Sunday, October 13th at 11:45am in the sanctuary.  We will invite the congregation back on Sunday, November 3rd to count those ballots.

New business on the Board agenda focuses on building maintenance.  Frank Satterwhite spoke with Bobby Robinson, and he is willing to resume building maintenance responsibilities.  Problems should be emailed to Bobby with a CC to Frank Satterwhite to review the financial responsibility for any repairs that are needed.

The following building projects were identified at our last meeting:  sound control in the Fellowship Hall, projector and screen for the sanctuary, and parking lot lighting.  Lighting in the parking lot continues to be an issue when leaving the building after an evening meeting.  The Board decided it would purchase small flashlights to be available in the foyer while we evaluate the options.  Please feel free to take one when leaving your meeting, and return it the next time you come to church.

Diana Dickerson and I attended the September Worship Committee meeting.  At this meeting the committee decided as a group that they will welcome back Sunday announcements from the pulpit.  The format has changed slightly with the Worship Associate making all announcements.  Please feel free to contact members of the worship committee with any questions.

Just in case you have not noticed, Sunnyslope Farms has moved their location to the front parking lot with the Board’s approval.  We thank Darryl and Renee Ray for their continued support to Starr King and its programs.

Warm Regards ~ Colleen Dino