George Zimmerman: Was Justice Done?

The George Zimmerman verdict has sparked reactions across the
country.  Some applaud the decision while others deplore it.  People on
both sides of the controversy feel it makes a statement about where racism
is in this country.  We would like to get together as a community to talk
about the feelings evoked in us.  Join the Justice Alliance, Social
Justice, and the Anti-Racist Multicultural Alliance at 7pm on Friday night
7/26 in the Fellowship Hall for conversation and more.  We will talk while
breaking bread, so feel free to bring dinner / evening snack food to share
or just come and partake of good food and good conversation.  This will be
a safe space for all perspectives to be voiced.  For more information
please contact Mary Swain at 510.861.0859, Frank Burton at or Heidi Green at 510-593-3271 or