President’s Blog – August 2014

We continue to have lay-led services and guest speakers in the pulpit during the summer months until our interim minister; Rev Joy Atkinson arrives in mid-August. I want to thank Lu Middleton and the entire worship committee, ushers and sound people for their dedication and hard work preparing our Sunday services, and welcoming our guests.
I have been communicating with Rev. Joy over the last month, sharing my concerns on how to prepare the congregation better for our interim work and what to expect in the coming year. She has recommended that we have at start-up workshop that is offered by the district to help answer some of our questions and concerns. Joy has been in touch with Josh Searle-White, District Executive, and we have confirmed a date for us to hold this type of workshop. I invite the congregation to join us on Saturday, Aug 16 at 10:00am.
This workshop is typically offered in the first two months of a new minister’s arrival. These workshops are can be three to four hours long and generally involve an array of lay leaders and congregants, including past and present members of the Board, Committee on Ministry, transition team, and many others.
The workshop uses a combination of group exercises and discussion to explore the history of ministry in the congregation and asks participants to identify patterns in the relationships between ministers and the congregation. The workshop facilitator will invite participants to brainstorm important priorities for the first year in the interim ministry and to explore areas in which shared ministry between the congregation and its new minister needs clarification and focus. It concludes with the minister offering concrete information about the logistics of his or her work (office hours, Sundays off, staff supervision, etc.), and what aspects of congregational ministry most excite and challenge them. I hope you will all plan to join us for this great opportunity to get off to a healthy start.

I’m also excited to share with you that we have two qualified applicants for our DRE job posting. Selected members of the R.E. Council and the board will be meeting with our applicants the last two weeks in July. We will keep you updated on the interview process by way of our weekly community newsletter.

I will continue to keep the workshop and DRE applicants in our announcements so that we can reach as many members as possible. ~ Colleen Dino