President’s Blog – February 2014

It’s early January that I am writing this article for our February newsletter and I’m still feeling the love and teamwork that inspired those to develop a plan and complete the playground raising. We continue to thank all those involved in making this project happen. It has been exhilarating to feel and hear the buzz amongst our members, an energy that has sparked all ages.
Although it is the beginning of a New Year, we are only half way through our church fiscal year. This is the time we review our current budget and how we are managing our commitments. We begin planning for our Spring Canvass, and creating our “wish” budget for 2014-15. I reach out to each member, asking what your contributions to Starr King this year will add to our community.
Our Leadership Retreat is scheduled for early February, and I’m excited to share this day with 26 members of our congregation. Our retreat planning committee has put a lot of work and thought into this year’s agenda. Our day will be filled with discussions on “What connects us to our Faith?; shared ministry or ministries; prioritization; goal setting, and planning for the next year. I look forward to sharing my retreat experience with you on Sunday, and in my next Chalice report.

In Fellowship ~ Colleen Dino