President’s Blog – June 2014

June is the end of the church year; we close our financial books at the end of the month, determining if there will be a surplus or deficit from this past year’s budget. The entire board is thankful for the work of our finance committee, most of all Frank Satterwhite, who has served as our Treasurer for the past 10 years. We say thank you to all our departing board members this month which include Frank Satterwhite, Mary Swain, Nancy Harrison, and Wendy Robertson for their dedication and inspiration. We make room for our incoming board members, Marilyn Mosher (Treasurer), Heidi Green, Kirk Klausmeyer, and Wayne Bennion; members at large. All outgoing and incoming board members are invited to our June meeting to overlap the order of business, and review the liaisons committee work.

I wish to thank Diane Meyerson, and her crew of helpers that made our service auction a huge success, bringing in a total of $13,500 to date. If you would like to purchase any of the items still available, please contact Diane Meyerson.

The board has been working with the R.E. Council, along with Rev. Darcy Baxter to create a job description for our next Director of Religious Exploration (DRE). The written advertisement will go out the first week in June to area Universities, including Starr King School for Ministry, Cal State Hayward, and Mills College. The DRE search committee will be served by members of the R.E. Council and board of trustees to interview and hire the next DRE.

We bid farewell to Rev. Katie, Roy King Jr, and Rev. Darcy Baxter this month. It’s been a joy to have the support and knowledge of this dynamic team, at the same time feeling so many emotions of grief, sadness, gratitude, and love. They will spread their wings now to new ventures, and we wish them the best in their new journeys.