President’s Blog – May 2014

Our church is at a significant crossroads in our history and our development. As we part ways with our long settled minister, we want to hold onto to all we’ve accomplished with Rev. Katie’s guidance and forethought. Yet, as we look to the future, we find ourselves at a new beginning – facing many ‘unknowns’. The decisions we make now, financially and otherwise, will affect our future. I’d like to explain briefly some of these decisions that are coming up and how they relate to each other.

We are currently in the midst of our annual canvass, asking members for their financial support for the coming year while transitioning into the future and preparing our congregation for a new called Minister.

Each year during the canvas, Starr King’s leaders try to make the church’s financial situation clear, so that members understand the expenses, needs and goals when considering what amount to pledge for next year. Our budget for the current year 2013-14 is $155,700, from which we have a payroll of $116,905. The remaining amount is for utilities and upkeep of our building and grounds.

The new year will not be any different. We are still committed to paying a full time Minister; the recommended salary ranges for an Interim are the same as those of a settled Minister. We have also added some additional items to the budget that were expressed at our leadership retreat in February; these included a paid music director and an increase in salary for Director of Family Ministries.

The interim ministry is an important step. The interim minister guides us through the first year of letting go and helps us to evaluate how well we operate as a congregation. This allows us to look at what we do well, and see where we need to improve so that we can welcome our next Minister with a fresh start.

At our May Board meeting we will be proposing a budget to be approved by the congregation at our annual meeting. The annual meeting will be held right after service in the sanctuary on Sunday, May 18, from 11:40am – 1pm.

For those who plan to pledge financial support to this church for next year, and for those who are considering whether to make a pledge, we hope you will consider the future of Starr King UU Church and what that future means to you.

In Fellowship

Colleen Dino
SKUUC Board President