From the Board – March 2015

These past two months members of the board and nominating committee have been busy polling the congregation on the names for our Ministerial Search Committee.  We have received responses from 74 our members, and have created a short list of 15 names from our poll.  The next step is to ask these members to get involved in the most important work of our transition; selecting our next called Minister.

The work of the Search Committee can be very spiritual and rewarding as well as challenging.  If you look around Starr King you will find there are still a few members from our last search committee.  Each one has a story to tell.  I challenge you to find out who these members are and talk with them about their memories of being on the committee.

The most important thing for our candidates to remember is that you have been chosen by your peers as a leader in our congregation, you bring your whole self to this community.  This is your chance to begin building a relationship and vision with the entire congregation.

Special Meeting of the Congregation:

The Board of Trustees will call a special meeting of the congregation on Sunday, April 19 following Sunday Service to elect the members of our search committee, as stated in our bylaws, Article XI, Minister, under section A:

  1. Selection:  The initial selection and recommendation of a minister to the membership shall be the responsibility of a Ministerial Search Committee, consisting of no less than 5 members, elected by the membership at an Annual or Special Meeting of the membership.

March Board Meeting:

Karen Cook, member of the Finance Committee, will present the proposed 2015-16 budget to the board.  The Finance Committee has done a tremendous amount of work on this next budget, which will include an additional line item for our Search Committee in the amount of 8,000.00.

Our Canvass Kickoff is on Sunday, March 3.  The Canvass Co-Chair members are Bob Britton and Diane Meyerson if you have any question on the budget or pledging prior to our kickoff date.

This year the board and finance committee will present the proposed budget to the congregation prior to the annual meeting this year with a special Budget Informational meeting on Sunday, May 3.  This will allow everyone the opportunity to see the budget and ask questions before our Annual Meeting, which will be held on Sunday, May 31 following Sunday Service.

In Fellowship,

Colleen Dino

SKUUC Board President