President’s Blog – January 2015

We are still in the first year of our two year interim with Reverend Joy.  In January, we will begin the process of how we select our Ministerial Search Committee.  To start, the board has formed a committee of six members (Kirk Klausmeyer, Diana Dickerson, Wayne Bennion, Mary Lasack, Ruth Desmidt, and Roy Dickerson) to poll the congregation.  As we move into the very early stages in our search for a new settled minister, we are conducting a poll of the congregation to see who you would like to see represent us as members of this newly formed search committee.  We will be asking you to recommend 5 – 7 people for this committee.  You are welcome to recommend yourself as well as others.

On Sunday, January 11, we will have guest speaker Robert Meiss; MSR (Ministerial Search Representative) from the San Jose UU Church.  He will be in the pulpit that day to speak to us about the congregations’ ministerial search.  Mr. Meiss is looking forward to meeting with the congregation after the service for further discussion and questions, with an additional meeting for board members and the minister.  Lunch will be provided for those who can stay, along with childcare so that everyone can attend.

Once we have selected 5 to 7 members who are willing to sit on the search committee, the board of trustees will hold a special meeting of the congregation to vote on the slate of candidates.  This special meeting is on the calendar for Sunday, April 19, which will be held in the sanctuary immediately following service.

I also attended the finance committee meeting on Thursday, Dec 18.  We met with our canvass co-chairs; Bob Britton and Diane Meyerson to discuss this year’s canvass campaign, and reviewed the budget.  The committee voted to discontinue using VANCO for credit card transactions.  They are looking into other options which will be brought to their next meeting, scheduled for Tuesday January 20th.

Wishing you All a healthy and prosperous New Year.

Colleen Dino